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Don’t skip a medical examination after a car accident

There you are, driving to work on the same route that you take every day, when a driver looking at their phone rear-ends you. After exchanging information and taking pictures of the damage to your car's bumper, you continue on your way to work, although later than you'd like.

You didn't suffer any injuries that you can see and don't feel any pain, so the accident is ultimately a fender-bender that caused some bumper damage and not much more, right?

Undocumented workers may still receive injury compensation

One of the most difficult parts of living and working as an undocumented immigrant in America is knowing when the law protects immigrants and when it does not. Depending on the area of the country where an immigrant lives and the laws of that particular state, they may face significant difficulties or even risk deportation simply for asserting their civil rights.

When an undocumented worker suffers an injury on the job, they may avoid seeking fair compensation to cover their medical expenses and lost income, out of fear that filing a workers' compensation claim may put them in danger of deportation or other negative consequences.

7 common causes of construction site ladder accidents

As a construction worker, it's likely that you use a variety of equipment and tools throughout your day. When doing so, it's important to be cautious and aware of your surroundings and equipment to remain safe at all times. A simple mistake can cause an accident that results in injury or even death.

Ladders are all over construction sites. Any time you're using a ladder, be wary of what potential risks are at play.

There is special evidence to collect after a truck accident

Few things in our daily lives have the destructive potential of large commercial trucks, especially when they share the road with consumer vehicles. Surviving a truck accident is a miracle in and of itself. The victims who must do the work of putting their lives back together face a daunting task.

If your someone you love recently experienced a large truck accident, it is essential to begin building your claims as soon as possible, and part of that means gathering some time-sensitive evidence.

Answer these questions immediately after a car accident

The moments immediately following a car accident can be murky, as you're in a situation that you're not familiar with. Since you can expect to be shaken, it's critical to know exactly what to do if you find yourself in this position.

Here are some important questions to answer immediately after a car accident:

Determining liability after a truck accident

Commercial truck accidents are some of the most traumatic, frightening experiences a motorist can experience on the road. As such, truck accidents often result in catastrophic damage and injuries, and complex legal claims. Commercial truck accidents include several additional layers of complexity that may make it exceptionally challenging for victims to resolve their claims fairly on their own.

After any collision, it is always important to undergo a thorough medical examination to make sure that you identify all injuries before they cause lasting harm. Once you receive proper care or a clean bill of health, it is important to build a strong legal strategy to make sure that you can protect your rights.

Scaffolding safety tips: Follow these to avoid trouble

As a construction worker, you may find yourself working on scaffolding throughout the day. Even if you're not actually using this equipment, there's a good chance you're in close proximity to it every now and again.

There's no denying the fact that the use of scaffolding can make your job easier, such as if you're laying bricks or painting a building.

Undocumented workers denied some workers' compensation benefits

It's a cornerstone of American industry that workers who get hurt on the job are entitled to certain economic benefits. But those provisions and benefits are severely slashed or eliminated entirely when the injured worker is undocumented.

In the current political climate, if the injured undocumented worker is lucky enough to survive the accident, he or she will surely be subject to deportation. Even if the worker miraculously evades deportation, the chance of him or her receiving fair compensation for the injuries are slim.

Getting to work or school safely as a pedestrian

New York City is a great place to live, work and have fun, but it does have its risks. One of the risks is the heavy traffic in the city. Whether you're in a vehicle or walking, there's a real chance that you could be involved in a crash.

There are approximately 300 pedestrian fatalities each year in New York. How can you avoid getting into an accident? Here are three tips to consider.

Abdominal pain after a car accident? Seek medical care

Car accidents cause many kinds of injuries, ranging from annoying to life-threatening. Typically, these injuries are fairly obvious at the scene of the accident, but not always. Some injuries do not present any visible indications that anything is wrong, and may not even cause pain in a victim until hours or days later.

These injuries are known as delayed pain or delayed onset injuries, and some of them are quite serious. For instance, a victim may receive a blow to the head that doesn't manifest symptoms for days or even weeks, or may suffer damage to the spinal column and suffer long-term radiating pain or numbness and tingling. Likewise, whiplash often waits several hours to set in, but can practically paralyze a victim for days once it does.

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