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Abdominal pain after a car accident? Seek medical care

Car accidents cause many kinds of injuries, ranging from annoying to life-threatening. Typically, these injuries are fairly obvious at the scene of the accident, but not always. Some injuries do not present any visible indications that anything is wrong, and may not even cause pain in a victim until hours or days later.

These injuries are known as delayed pain or delayed onset injuries, and some of them are quite serious. For instance, a victim may receive a blow to the head that doesn't manifest symptoms for days or even weeks, or may suffer damage to the spinal column and suffer long-term radiating pain or numbness and tingling. Likewise, whiplash often waits several hours to set in, but can practically paralyze a victim for days once it does.

Driver negligence could cause a pedestrian accident

As a pedestrian in New York City, you know one thing to be true: There will always be vehicles in close proximity to where you are walking. Even though there is nothing you can do about this, there are some steps you can take lessen the likelihood of an accident.

Above all else, you need to realize that driver negligence can cause a pedestrian accident. For this reason, you need to keep a close eye on everything that is going on around you. For example, if you see a driver acting in an irresponsible manner, wait until he or she is out of the area before you do anything else.

Undocumented Hispanic construction workers are at high risk

Most people who know someone working in construction understand that it is a very dangerous career path. People in this industry can easily get hurt or even killed while working. It only takes a second for a worker to slip while working high up in a building, resulting in a fall. Similarly, falling materials, electrocution, crushing accidents and scaffolding issues all pose risks to construction workers.

Even within the construction field, some people are at higher risk than others. In particular, young Hispanic construction workers face the greatest risk of severe injury or death. Undocumented workers also face risks from employers who may be willing to ignore safety laws like they do other employment laws. These workers and their families deserve compensation if they end up hurt or killed while working.

Pedestrian accident data stable in NY, despite tech innovations

The latest in technology can provide a number of benefits to vehicles. One of these goals is often a reduction in the risk of accidents. Yet, the rate of pedestrian accidents in New York has remained constant despite these changes. New York State’s Department of Health reports that the most recent data shows there were 312 deaths due to motor vehicles striking pedestrians annually. This number has remained fairly constant since 2001.

In addition to these deaths, pedestrian accidents account for over 3,000 hospitalizations for injured New Yorkers.  

What to do after a bus accident

Car accidents occur daily but any vehicle is at risk of a crash. Accidents on public transportation can be even more fatal than other accidents, often ending in lost lives or severe injuries and disabilities. If you are in a bus accident, you have every right to pursue a lawsuit for your injuries. However, gathering the proper information will greatly help your chances at a successful claim.

A safety net for construction workers?

New legislative proposal could be a safety net for construction workers.

While it's no secret that construction work is a potentially risky occupation, some workers are more at risk than others. According to a study recently released by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), of all the construction fatalities, the vast majority were minority workers. The same study found that minority workers often face a greater amount of work-related risk relative to other workers.

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