Recent Verdicts And Settlements

$32.15 million verdict - Ray Panek of Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek wins an auto accident case out of Kings County Supreme Court.

$27.3 million verdict - Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek wins a construction accident case for an injured worker.

$16 million verdict - Stephen B. Kahn of Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek obtains a $16 Million verdict for a victim of an auto accident case. The three week trial took place in the Bronx Supreme Court.

$7 million verdict - Construction worker was injured at work while doing demolition.

$3.35 million jury verdict - A 50-year-old mother of three sustained serious neck injuries in an automobile accident. The insurance company's offer of $400,000 to settle before trial was rejected. Defendants argued that the plaintiff's disability stemmed from prior injuries. The jury returned a unanimous verdict that included full compensation for the plaintiff's future medical care.

$2.75 million settlement - Construction worker sustained neck and shoulder injuries on the job which required surgery.

$2.5 million settlement during trial - A 21-year-old involved in a car accident with a construction van sustained lower back injuries that required surgery. The van's insurance company claimed that the van was not responsible for the crash and offered $0 pretrial. After 4 days, at the close of evidence, the insurance company offered to settle.

$2.1 million settlement at mediation - An experienced union iron worker was not provided with a safe ladder or fall protection at a large construction site and slipped, falling to the ground and sustaining injuries to his spine.

$2.1 million settlement - A 64-year-old taxi driver was rear-ended while working and sustained a lower back injury which required surgery. The accident and surgery exacerbated a longstanding spinal condition. The case was settled prior to jury selection.

$1.85 million verdict - A 26-year-old woman fractured her knee in a car accident, requiring both surgery and injections. The jury returned full compensation for the cost of future medical care, including the need for a total knee replacement.

$1.575 million verdict - A New York City transit bus driver negligently let a passenger, a 34-year-old single mother and housekeeper, off a bus in Brooklyn onto a patch of black ice. The plaintiff slipped and fell, fracturing her ankle and needing emergency surgery.

$567,000 settlement - The insurance company agreed to pay full policy limits prior to jury deliberations to a 51-year-old man who sustained neck and back injuries in a car accident.

$450,000 settlement - Passenger required surgery for a broken arm following a crash caused by the driver's impaired state and DUI.

$1.6 million settlement - Car accident victim whose injuries required neck & shoulder surgery.

$1.2 million awarded by judge - For injuries to a man's face and subsequent neck surgery caused by an automatic door at the supermarket.

$1 million jury verdict - A 92-year-old woman required surgery for a fractured wrist which she sustained from a fall in a supermarket. The insurance company only offered $15,000 prior to the trial.

$850,000 settlement - Surgery was required to repair a herniated disk as a result of a highway accident involving a truck.

$775,000 settlement - A woman sustained a shoulder and back injury in a car accident in which her car was sideswiped by a truck. Case settled prior to jury selection.

$575,000 Jury Verdict - A 30-year-old man sustained a shoulder injury which required surgery as a result of an automobile accident. He was awarded damages for past and future pain and suffering as well as compensation for assumed future medical expenses. The defendant insurance company offered only $50,000 prior to trial and subsequent jury verdict.

$500,000 settlement - A cast iron radiator fell on a man in an apartment building hallway causing knee and ankle injuries. Case settled when the building owner was found to have destroyed the radiator.

$425,000 settlement during trial - Injured worker required arthroscopic surgery to his shoulder and knee after a fall from a ladder. No offer made prior to trial.

$350,000 jury verdict - Awarded to a passenger whose injuries from a car accident, required arthroscopic knee surgery.

$300,000 settlement during trial - 72-year-old woman fractured her ankle when she tripped over a raised doorway in the basement of an apartment building.

$300,000 settlement - Obtained full policy limits for the victim of a car accident who's back injury required surgery.

$250,000 Arbitration award - Full policy limits to a woman who sustained neck injuries in a motor vehicle accident.

$250,000 settlement — A bicyclist was knocked down and sustained a fractured leg which did not require surgery.

$250,000 jury verdict - A car accident victim required an arthroscopic procedure for a partial tear of his rotator cuff. $30,000 was offered and rejected prior to trial.

$200,000 jury verdict — A taxi was involved in an accident, causing injury to the passenger's shoulder.

$190,000 predeposition settlement - A 26-year-old tripped and fell on the sidewalk resulting in an arm fracture which did not require surgery.

$135,000 jury verdict - A car accident victim who's injured back required three injections over a four-month period. A $35,000 offer was made by the insurance company prior to trial.