Picking Up The Pieces After A Tragedy

Seeking Justice In The Midst Of Grief

Few situations in life are more trying than when a loved one passes away before their time — especially if it never should have happened but for the negligence of another person. When a wrongful death occurs, it is contingent on those left behind to take action in order to receive compensation for all that was taken from them. While the facts and circumstances of a wrongful death case are many times black and white, the process of filing for death benefits and suing the negligent parties can often be extremely complex.

We Know The Process

The injury lawyers of Elefterakis Elefterakis & Panek are highly adept in handling cases of wrongful death in New York and New Jersey. From filing for death benefits and probating an estate to getting a family member appointed as the administrator of the estate if one was not provided for in a will, we leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to help our clients navigate these challenging proceedings. When there are dependents left behind who were counting on the financial support of the deceased, we help factor the amount they would have received over the course of their lives in order to reclaim their rightful benefits.

Additional Compensation For Pain And Suffering

In the case of wrongful death, the victim is often subjected to what is referred to as "fear of impending death," in which case additional compensation is in order. Just because a loved one met their end as a result of someone else's negligence and no longer has the capacity to enact retribution, does not mean the guilty party is not accountable for the pain and suffering they caused. The law places a high value on the precious time between when an accident occurs and the moment the victim ultimately expires, and with the assistance of an expert trained in determining the exact conditions of the case we will help you pursue the maximum level of compensation.

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